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The award-winning restaurants Coco Bambu have an extensive menu with a variety of foods and drinks: prepared with the finest ingredients, well-served dishes, and affordable prices. Our restaurants are decorated with a unique, modern elegance that creates a vibrant, welcoming ambiance.

Our mission includes the steadfast pursuit of long-term customer relations through the excellence in our menu, the quality of our service, and the warmth of our atmosphere.

These collective ideas, born in Fortaleza, in the Brazilian Northeast, allowed for rapid expansion into major Brazilian cities, leading to preparation for international expansion in 2016, starting with the US.


Dom Pastel is born in Fortaleza, CE - Brazil

Created by Afrânio and Daniela Barreira, the pastry was the first milestone in the restaurant business. After a renovation in the house that used to be the home of his paternal grandfather, Raimundo Pinheiro Barriera, Afrânio transformed the mansion into a small open mall, renting the rooms for stores. In the corner store he opened Dom Pastel. It was born as a unique business, which soon attracted the attention of the local population, paving the way for what would become Coco Bambu.



Birth of the first Coco Bambu Restaurant

The first Coco Bambu Restaurant is opened in the Meireles District, in Fortaleza. Inspired by the seaside and tropical decore, Coco Bambu became an instant hit for tourists and the local public alike with its delicious combinations of tapioca, pizza and crepes.


First Coco Bambu outside the state of Ceará

The expansion in Brazil begins. Coco Bambu Salvador (Coco Bahia) is opened, bringing all the flavor of our food to the Bahia capital of Salvador.


Coco Bambu Beira Mar is opened in Fortaleza


First Coco Bambu in Brasilia

Coco Bambu arrives in the Federal Capital of Brazil, Brasilia, in the beautiful region of Lago Sul, becoming an immediate success. Today, Coco Bambu Lago Sul is not only one of the largest restaurants in Brazil, but it is also one of the most award-winning establishments in the country.


New homes

A new location opens in Fortaleza (Coco Bambu Sul), and the first in the city of Teresina.

One year after opening the first unit in Brasilia, Coco Bambu opens in Brasilia Shopping.


First house in São Paulo

Coco Bambu arrives in the largest and most culinary-inspired city in Brazil, São Paulo, at JK Avenue. It breaks taboos by its size, decoration, and extensive menu. Immediately becomes a landmark and reference in the city, consolidating its brand, concept, and expansion.


Anália Franco

Coco Bambu opens the second unit of São Paulo in the Analia Franco District, east side of São Paulo.


Expansion and Growth

Units in Goiania, Ribeirão Preto and São Luis are opened. The maranhense capitol São Luis receives the largest a la carte restaurant in Brazil, with 3 stories, 2 panoramic elevators and 2 wine houses with a capacity for 1200 wines, arranged in a ceiling height of 3.2 meters (10.5 ft).


One more unit in São Paulo

The third unit in the city of São Paulo is inaugurated: Coco Bambu Market Place. Coco Bambu also opens a new restaurant in Ribeirão Preto with a new concept named Coco Bambu Flavors from Brazil, its menu centered on Brazilian regional food.


Our largest restaurant was opened

Coco Bambu Anhembi arrived at the north region of São Paulo seating up to 1,300 guests.

Our nationwide expansion also brought Coco Bambu Porto Alegre, Coco Bambu Villa Velha and Coco Bambu Curitiba.


We arrive in the United States

Coco Bambu has arrived to United States, located at an Art Deco renovated historic building at 955 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL. The first unit outside Brazil is a milestone in the history of Coco Bambu.

Coco Bambu also opened its third unit in Federal District in Brazil, located in Aguas Claras.